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Wireless Speakers

Wireless Speakers with Remote

Wireless Speakers with Remote

If you find the area around your computer too cluttered with wires and cables, then you may consider looking into buying wireless computer speakers.

With wireless speakers, there is a base that transmits electrical signals to the amplifier. These may either be infrared (IR) signals, or radio frequency (RF) signals.

When using IR systems, you have to make sure that there is nothing in between the transmitters and receivers. Almost all physical materials obstruct IR transmission, so when using IR equipment, it is important to place them in such a way that the signals sent and received will not be absorbed or interrupted by obstacles.

There are also certain barriers that obstruct RF signals, but the range of materials that cause RF interruption is smaller. Common examples of these materials are cement, electronic devices, metals, and plastic.

The amplifier is usually part of the speakers themselves. When the speakers receive the signals, they turn them into sound waves and transmit them to us.

Here is a detailed comparison of two high-rated wireless computer speakers: Cables Unlimited (SPK-VELO-001) 2 Wireless Speakers, and the Sony SRS-RF930RK 1 Wireless Speaker.

Cables Unlimited (SPK-VELO-001) 2 Wireless Speakers are very handy for use in the outdoors. They come with a 900MHz DHT transmitter that can send signals up to 150 feet away. You can plug the transmitter into the home theater system, your computer, or even a boombox. These speakers also come with their own subwoofers and tweeters that produce high quality sound. They also come with a remote control for easier use. For in-home use, these speakers come with an AC adapter. If you want to take them outside, the speakers also have a battery dock. The speakers require six size C batteries.

The Sony SRS-RF930RK 1 Wireless Speaker, on the other hand, runs on rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries that are built into the speaker itself. It has a one-piece design, which is suitable for transporting and outdoor use. Like the Cables Unlimited (SPK-VELO-001) 2 Wireless Speakers, it also has a 900 MHz transmitter, but it transmits RF signals. This speaker is simple to use, but it does not come with a remote control.

When it comes to the price, the Sony SRS-RF930RK 1 Wireless Speaker is considerably cheaper. With diligent searching, you can find one for only $65. The lowest price you can get for the Cables Unlimited (SPK-VELO-001) 2 Wireless Speakers is $ 90.